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Our Services

Documentary and documentary film production

The documentary film deals with real (people), real (issues) or history and natural treasures in Fezzan in southern Libya, in a real (context), to deliver a specific message, we produce the documentary film under the synonym of creative treatment of reality. From this standpoint, “Fezzan Cloud Company” and its specialized teams in the production of documentaries and documentaries work to provide the best in this field and lead in it. In its artistic career, the company seeks to embrace and absorb all the creative and emerging energies of the people of Fezzan in this field and work to develop this promising technical sector and support it with global expertise.

Production of films and television series

Artistic production companies are the backbone and main support in the field of feeding the art scene and satellite channels with professional and purposeful media production. Sahab Fezzan Company is proud of its extensive relations with a large number of professional and promising directors and creative scenario writers in Libya and the Fezzan region, and its possession of creative crews, devices, technologies and advanced equipment in the field of artistic production in all its branches. The company invests its network of relationships and alliances with artistic production companies in Libya and abroad for the purpose of producing, marketing and publishing cinematic and television products in general.

Production of television and radio programmes

Today, satellite channels and radio stations are considered the most watched by the public, and they all strive to provide the best to gain it and create continuity and media accumulation. Sahab Fezzan Media Services Company “presents itself as a major supporter and assistant in this field through the production of the best television and radio programs and through the duo of the best idea of ​​the best production, to be the leader in this field

Production and manufacture of advertising and advertising visuals and audio

Our world today is witnessing the convergence of art and commerce in several fields, the most important of which is the advertising field Thus, trade turns into art and art into an elegant, purposeful and attractive trade. “Fazzan Sahab Company” specializes in the field of manufacturing and producing advertising and advertising visuals and audio for companies and institutions of all kinds, through specialized and pioneering staff in this field and modern and advanced technologies

Providing all advisory services and commercial and electoral campaigns

The Fezzan Cloud has the honor to provide all specialized consulting services in its field of work (production, advertising, marketing, technology) to all companies, institutions and individuals. These campaigns need creative ideas, tight planning, and programmed and successful implementation. Sahab Fezzan Company, with its extensive experience in this field, provides all its advisory and executive services to all political entities with modern and advanced ideas and methods. Sophisticated companies and institutions are not only satisfied with selling or promoting their merchandise, but are looking forward to the best relations with customers, meeting their requests and suggestions, and getting closer to their hearts and minds. This requires the existence of continuous questionnaire and survey campaigns and specialized advisory services, which we provide to our customers of all types, commercial and social.

Advertising design, printing and marketing

The Fezzan Sahab Company is proud of embracing creative and professional energies in the field of artistic design and then scientific and persuasive marketing, because advertising is not only spread but is considered an art of attraction and persuasion as well. We have experience in the field of marketing and advertising in all its forms. The company is based on owning the best advertising spaces in Sebha and all the cities of the south, directly, through its alliances and protocols of joint cooperation with leading companies. Advertising is a common space in which we cooperate to provide the best for companies, institutions and individuals.

Organizing and implementing training and development courses

Technical and creative cadres always need development, training and updating in their information and specializations. “Sahab Fezzan Media Services Company” is continuously responsible for opening, organizing and implementing specialized courses and in all its fields of competence for media institutions and for those wishing to develop their technical capabilities. The company uses the best trainers and specialists and the latest technologies and educational and training tools

Exhibitions, Festivals and Celebrations Department

Specialized exhibitions and festivals are the collective and common space for introducing companies and institutions, all of which seek to present their best to the public directly. Taking care of space (decor and colors), as well as the way of displaying and introducing the product and others, is an art that requires specialization, management and planning. “Fezzan Clouds”, through its specialized staff and accumulated experience, offers the best in this field. The establishment of public events and celebrations also needs staff specialized in the fields of management and ceremonies, organizing attendance and preparing the place to provide the best, most comfortable and elegant atmosphere, which is what our company undertakes with its advanced cadres and expertise

Purchasing and importing modern devices and equipment

Sahab Fezzan Company has a legal license to purchase, import and transfer all devices, equipment and priority materials related to its field of work, including equipment and supplies related to artistic and media production, technology, equipment for preparing channels and audio radios, and equipping studios of all kinds. The company offers the services of displaying the latest devices to its valued customers and delivering them to all cities of Libya.

Rental of studios, cameras and photographic equipment

We care about your business needs, thus we are here to enhance your capabilities with a complete digital package. You can rent fully managed studios that are carefully set up for your goals and highly advanced professional cameras at your disposal. With a dedicated team to help you. With our studios, you will get a complete studio that suits your goals. High-quality lighting, means, tools and hardware are essential to give you accurate results for your work

Establishing and managing television and radio channels

Equipping the satellite, terrestrial and radio channels with the equipment necessary for operation while defining the nature of the channel and the broadcasting technology. Determining the quality of the channel and the nature of its programs is our first criterion when setting a budget for preparing the channel to launch its programmatic broadcast. Completely without increasing or decreasing with the nature of the channel. When preparing a new satellite channel or radio, economic, practical and reliable solutions are taken into account and the use of the latest technology that achieves the safe operation of the satellite channel.

Designing and hosting websites and smart phone applications

The Fezzan Cloud Company provides professional services in designing, hosting and developing websites, as well as smart phone applications that keep pace with global rapid development and modernization.

Coordination of media interviews

The media relations services provided by the Fezzan Cloud include coordination of interviews and media statements that are published on various audio-visual media, in addition to providing field support during the interview. In addition to providing studios, equipment, cadres and everything necessary to show the interviews as required

Organizing and covering press conferences and media tours

The Fezzan Cloud manages press conferences and media tours with great efficiency and effectiveness, focusing on increasing the media presence in various events held by institutions, companies and public authorities, whether related to launching new products or projects, celebrations, forums, and presentation conferences, as well as providing customers with various published media materials related to the event. or the relevant conference.

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