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we are digital agency

Sahab Fezzan Media Services Company

It is a company specialized in the field of media and advertising promotion, developing media and marketing plans and strategies, finding technical and technological solutions and creative design.

our vision

The rich artistic environment of Fezzan and southern Libya represents an inexhaustible artistic, cultural and historical source for our inspiration.

Our message

We believe that the image of the institution in the minds of the public is a direct result of its efforts in the field of its media and artistic work.

our value

Trust - in keeping with our history is what inspires and motivates us to stand with our customers. Commitment - We are fully committed to serving our region.

our turn

Through a strong structure of qualified cadres and high-quality equipment, we present our clients, their issues, and their visions to launch their presence and achieve their goals.

About us

It is a company specialized in the field of media and advertising promotion, developing media and marketing plans and strategies, finding technical and technological solutions and creative design. It was established in 2019 and is based in the southern metropolis of Sebha city. Fields and mobile applications, based in advertising, advertising, and service technology solutions related to programming and development of systems, based on creativity that conforms to originality and uniqueness and is against imitation and copying.

Today, Sahab Fezzan Company is considered one of the fastest growing companies in the field of media production, implementation of advertising and promotional campaigns, marketing plans and institutional media consultancy in southern Libya, and provides its customers with unique creative solutions and ideas in the fields of media, technology, marketing, advertising promotion and technology to serve them and facilitate their services. The company bases its work on the originality of the idea and the uniqueness of the technical and technical solutions it provides to its clients and partners in building media plans, marketing and promotion strategies, and digital and technological solutions that lead them to success and excellence.

Our Services


Documentary and documentary film production

The documentary film deals with real (people), real (issues) or history and natural treasures in Fezzan in southern Libya, in a real (context), to deliver a specific message, we produce the documentary film under the synonym of creative treatment of reality.


Production of films and television series

Artistic production companies are the backbone and main support in the field of feeding the art scene and satellite channels with professional and purposeful media production. Sahab Fezzan Company is proud of its extensive relations with a large number of professional.


Production of television and radio programs

Today, satellite channels and radio stations are considered the most watched by the public, and they all strive to provide the best to gain it and create continuity and media accumulation. Sahab Fezzan Media Services Company “presents itself as a major supporter.

Our Patners

Our Work


Advertising service

TV ads

Promotional promots

Radio ads

promotional packages

Funding campaigns on social media

our channels

قناة سحاب افلام
مع احدث واقوى الافلام الحصرية وذات العرض الاول

Sahab movies channel
With the latest and strongest exclusive and premiere films

قناة سحاب انمي
لعشاق الانمي قمة المتعة ومتابعة احدث الانميات

Sahab anime channel
For anime lovers, the pinnacle of fun and follow the latest anime

قناة سحاب مسلسلات
نختار لكم باقة من اقوى المسلسلات العربية والعالمية
Sahab channel series
We choose for you a bouquet of the most powerful Arab and international series

قناة سحاب TV المحلية 

Sahab local TV channel
The most popular and most watched channel in Sebha

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